2019 THRIVE Cape Cod Conference

March 8th & 9th, 2019

Friday, March 8th - 7pm

"A United Night of Worship for Cape Cod"

Saturday, March 9th - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

THRIVE Cape Cod Conference

   2019 Schedule

The annual THRIVE Cape Cod Conference (launched in 2017) is a gathering of people from Cape Cod's evangelical churches seeking to be inspired and encouraged - through worship, messages, conversations and collaboration - to support the work of God in our churches and in our local communities.  

At a THRIVE Cape Cod Conference you will....

  • Gather and worship with Christians from churches across Cape Cod.
  • Be inspired by keynote speakers with a shared vision of what God could do in our churches and in our communities.
  • Hear from experts, leaders, and practitioners in specific areas of ministry and community service that you are passionate about.
  • Meet together to brainstorm new and effective ways to grow, bless our communities, and reflect the love and message of Christ in our churches and across this region.

THRIVE Cape Cod was born in the hearts and prayers of pastors and church people from across Cape Cod. The Thrive Conference is co-led by Pastor Ben Feldott (Cape Cod Church) and Pastor Doug Scalise (Pastor, Brewster Baptist Church) and its genesis came in conversations with Clive Calver, former President of the Evangelical Alliance of the UK and President Emeritus of World Relief. While leading the Evangelical Alliance, Clive was at the forefront of the widespread renewal of the Church across England that came in part through the Spring Harvest initiative, an ongoing series of yearly gatherings of England's evangelical Christians. Together, listening to what God did across the ocean, we began to dream about what might be possible on Cape Cod if the Church met, collaborated, and worked together here.

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